Ion's Story

Ion's Story

A family-run business,
formed around life values, traditions, inheritance
and . . . a syrup recipe, passed from father to son.

Ion story started 40 years ago

With Mr Ion C's life hobby.
A passionate mountain walker, who started exploring the mountain plants in creating teas, infusions and cordials.
He created a range of plant mixes, one of them became today’s Ion recipe.

With his life values .
When he started thinking about the nature surrounding us as a treasure taken for granted, that needs to be appreciated.
These are the living values behind the whole Ion business and behind each individual decision.

With traditions.
When he needed to explore this treasure, starting a lifetime-loved hobby, free mountain walking.
This is when everything started, in the summer seasons, bringing fir buds in his rucksack from the Transylvanian Alps, which were close to his home,

in order to make his favourite drink for his own pleasure - 'his fir-bud syrup' - to use in mixed drinks along with different spirits and teas as flavouring and sweeteners.

With inheritance.
In 2012 leaving his own treasure to his two sons, not being taken for granted but appreciated and taken further.
Here is how Ion company started - a small family business, based on simple values and traditions.

The making of the syrup is carried out with the same techniques and operations, in harvesting and preparation . . . by his exact recipe.